Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Red Master Belt

No words can better describe this belt than “Simple Beauty!”
Solid red on both front and back, this belt is a 9th and 10th dan Japanese style master belt. Featuring elegant hand-embroidery on both ends, have this belt made with "front-side-only" embroidery for an impeccable finish. You just have to wear it to see what we mean!

All of Eosin Panther belts are handmade in USA using only the highest grade, 100% soft cotton, with a double layer of high-quality, 100% heavy-duty natural white webbing. Alternatively, all belts can be made with satin if desired. Unlike other brands, our hand-embroidery does not have belt stitching over it, giving it a much cleaner and polished finish and further setting our belts apart from others. Custom hand-embroidery is available in a variety of colors on all the belts. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Rush service is available.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom karate belt to cater the need better

No matter which fighting art you want to join, you have to be very much disciplined to participate in the competition and win the high quality karate belt. Your learning and performance depend on your uniform, and the embroidered karate belt also because you cannot concentrate if you are not feeling comfortable in your uniform. The more advanced you are in learning, the high ranking taekwondo belt you will get. Doubtless, it will take some time to learn all the techniques but once you learn you will win the prestigious high quality karate belt in the combat.

The jujitsu belt system is the best way to grade skills and acknowledge a practitioner about the level of learning he posses. Initially, martial art belt was thought to be only in two colors. Over the years, a wide variety of the custom martial arts belt with martial arts gi embroidery is available in different colors. In some countries such as Japan, practitioner still uses a white belt during the practice and given a Custom black belt when he completes the training. As the trend has changed a lot, nowadays different types of custom embroidered karate belt is used to define various levels involved in the training. The colors used in the embroidered taekwondo belt levels are white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, red and black.

Every martial art technique has a defined system to assign ranking to the custom embroidered martial arts belt. At every stage, the skills of the practitioner will be checked to ensure that he is competent to move to next level. The instructor will decide and judge your skill and offer the custom martial arts belt accordingly. The higher the ranking you get, the darker taekwondo belt you will get until you win Custom black belt at the last.

Earlier, martial arts belts were not used to define the skill. The old instructors used to give sashes to rate the skills of the practitioners but as the sashes were soft and hard to manage; handmade karate belt comes into the trend. A white jujitsu belt is used for the beginner, whereas green custom embroidered taekwondo belt is representing the intermediate stage. You can find slight differences between different martial techniques, and different custom martial arts belt methods are used in the classes. Being a student, you goal will be to achieve required tang soo do belt during the training and end up with Custom black belt.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martial Arts- To safeguard you from unfavorable condition

Martial art is very old and famous self-defense technique. It require a disciple and focus approach if you want to win the combat. Custom Martial art is also offered by few Martial art training centers to train you as per your priority.

Self defense is the best policy and the rule of thumb in martial Arts. You have to be in highly discipline if you going under training of Martial arts to get ready for the combat. Do not think that Martial arts is consists of fix set of movement that are meant to entertain the spectators.

During a fight or encounter, every breathe taken by a martial artist is meant to fulfill a specific purpose.

The meaning of martial art is “the art of Mars”. In order to undergo a Custom Martial Arts training, you need to invest in martial arts equipment to train for combative conditions. Through a high quality martial arts equipment, you can do practices at home and Martial arts training place very well.

Martial arts will be categorized on the basis of priority of skills, you want to develop through custom martial arts training. For Striking, you may require a Chinese martial art equipment called' Wooden dummy'.

The basic purpose of such Martial arts equipment is to prepare your mind to anticipate the angle of attacks.

You will need mouth-guard and a head-guard for kicking sports like Taekwondo. This is for both male and female fighters. Male jins or fighter need martial arts equipments like crotch guard or sport cup to avoid injury on their groin. Do not use such Martial arts equipment every time and become habitual as such hand made martial arts equipments are prohibited in some sparring matches.
Martial arts uniform is necessary for all martial arts matches nowadays. Make sure that your Martial arts uniform is made up of thick material as they are durable and can withstand the strikes and friction. All the Martial arts equipment must be purchased from an authenticate martial arts store to ensure the quality.

Martial arts is entire based on your power, focus and ability to transfer your energy in to your fist or attack. A focus approach that supported with high quality martial art equipments from a recognized martial arts store will help you to dominate your enemy. Martial art supplies a confident in you that you can handle any situation. Martial arts must be learned by ever one especially women to secure themselves in combat.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Custom Embroidered Hat

"Eosin Panther makes it easy to personalize your cap."

Whether it is just for you or school or as gifts, now you can order a personalized cap without having to worry about quantity limit and translation. Want to put your style or school name in Chinese, Japanese or Korean on your hat? Your initials?
Not a problem... Because our embroidery is expertly done by hands, we can create one or one hundred caps--each with individualized embroidery--at a fraction of the cost.
Better yet, why not have a matching cap as your belt or gi-top?
Finally you canĂ¢€”Conveniently, Easily and Affordably--here at Eosin Panther!!!


This camouflage belt speaks adventure and courage.
This handmade belt is of the highest quality with beautiful handcrafted embroidery in any color of your choice on both ends. Be bold and wear it with confidence!!

All of Eosin Panther belts are handmade in USA using only the highest grade, 100% soft black cotton, with a double layer of high-quality, 100% heavy-duty natural white webbing. Alternatively, all belts can be made with satin if desired. Unlike other brands, our hand-embroidery does not have belt stitching over it, giving it a much cleaner and polished finish and further setting our belts apart from others. Custom hand-embroidery is available in a variety of colors on all the belts. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Rush service is available.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ways to get best Martial art supplies

It would sound like a puzzle for you if you know nothing about Martial arts. Very true because what all we think that a martial arts artistic can require is – A uniform and belt...Nothing more than that but......

Is it martial arts supplies all about?

What else does Martial arts supplies include?

The terminology “ Martial Art supplies” indicates the things that a Martial arts artist will require to become a well trained full fledged fighter.

In addition to Marital arts Uniform and martial art belt, there are different kind of sparring and training gear, safety gear, weapon and exercise equipment will be required to fight in a combat.

How to select best martial art equipment?

This is the quality that makes difference in every case. You have to be very much knowledgeable about the Martial art equipment and Martial Arts supply company in order to get the best deal.

Here are some tips through which you can get best martial arts equipment from a Martial arts supply company-

Be particular and focus about what sort of Martial arts uniform and equipment you need exactly.
Discuss and take help of you senior martial arts artist to select good protective gear as they can guide you better which gear will be needed when.
For your regular practice, you will need punching bag or dummies to get the feeling of real combat.

If you do not have any one to assist you or impart knowledge about martial arts then always go for branded and renowned Martial Arts supply company.

Martial Art Supply company

Selection of reliable Martial Arts supply company is like a Half battle won. You must be thinking why i am more emphasizing on selection of a right Martial Arts Supply company.

The simple reason is, A reliable and reputed Martial arts supplier will deal in high quality Martial arts equipments always. You will be highly mistaken if you are settling for less in quality to save money.

In a combat, you can not give the guarantee that you will not get injured. The attacks are uncertain and unpredictable sometimes.

Its hard or i can say impossible to protect yourself all the time because you have to pay heed on may other things during a Martial arts combat.

A high quality Martial arts equipment offered by a reputed Martial Arts Supply only can protect you from any sudden attack at that time.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MMA Brazilian Jujitsu Belt

Why we need MMA Brazilian Jujitsu Belt?

Combat of any genre require high disciple and focus. The main objective behind any self defense art is to protect yourself from any sudden and unfavorable attack.

Is it important to learn a self defense technique ?

What my opinion is – Undoubtedly Yes. We all must know at lease one self defense technique. In today's life where nothing is secure and safe , how could we think that we are safe.

Though such self defense technique is beneficial for all gender and age group people but i would especially recommend to the women, whether working or college going, to learn it in order to protect themselves from any harm.

Why MMA Brazilian Jujitsu?

Brazilian Ju-jitsu is basically Japanese Martial art technique. This mainly focuses on Grappling and ground fighting.

It teaches how a weaker and smaller person can defend him self or even can beat a bigger and strong person very easily.

It not the power that works all the time...Its the game of mind and disciple that makes you win the cut- throat combat.

Do we need any equipment or accessory for MMA Brazilian Jujitsu?

Obviously!!! We can not protect our body entirely all the time during a combat as we have to focus on many other things and any mistake in this can damage your sensitive body part.

So what are the accessory we need for Brazilian Ju-jitsu? Well, it does not require many accessory but you will need a quality Martial arts uniform and a MMA Brazilian Jujitsu belt...It will be sufficient for a Brazilian Ju-jitsu candidate.

MMA Brazilian Jujitsu Belt

MMA Brazilian Jujitsu Belt is the preliminary thing you will need at the time you join Ju-jitsu martial art. Generally such Brazilian Ju-jitsu belts are made up of 100% cotton with double layer of high quality natural white webbing.

You can get hand made or hand embroidered martial belts easily from any reputed martial art store. You can even increase the length of the belt afterwords if needed.

Apart from cotton, MMA Brazilian Jujitsu Belts are also available in satin fabric. Great stitching and embroidery work give a clear and finished look to such martial art belts.